Sunday, November 09, 2008

Value in the Northwest Airlines Brand

Shame on Northwest's management for allowing its identity to be destroyed by Delta. Not only is a great bit of American history going to be lost, unnecessarily, but a large amount of shareholder value, in the Northwest identity, is going to be lost.

This is not an issue of empty-but-fun nostalgia. This is an issue for current Delta shareholders, who will certainly lose brand recognition across the Pacific and in the Western U.S., where Northwest is so important a part of the market. Northwest has spent millions over the decades to build its brand, and to lose that brand identity would be a loss.

But it is not too late. Delta can and should find meaningful ways of permanently incorporating the Northwest brand INTO the Delta family. Read about how the KLM brand has been enhanced after that company's merger with Air France. It's on our main BrandlandUSA site:
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