Tuesday, October 21, 2008

GE, Keep Lighting

Look for our story tomorrow at our main website BrandlandUSA on the company we call General Electric, with it's stock down in a stinky little area called BARELY $20!*

We will be taking the position that GE ought not sell off its appliance and light bulb businesses. At right, some product innovations from the 1970s. Gosh, how we can be so easily amused.

We were initally, but are now decidedly not amused by Ecomagination, which is obviously not working to help the stock price. We wish it were. But frankly, GE is about industry and science and the future, not 1970s notions of ecology. So it is a message counter to the message of GE.

Light up the world again! Build some friggin powerful but efficient railroad engines and jet turbines, please!

Visit our main website, www.brandlandusa.com.

* We are a bit frustrated because we happen to own a minor amount of GE stock that is tanked, so we have the right to be a bit frustrated 'ole Mr. Immelt.

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