Friday, September 05, 2008

Peugeot To Bring Back Talbot?

The automotive blog The Truth About Cars by Martin Schwoerer reports that Talbot could return as an inexpensive car marque of Peugeot, perhaps made in Eastern Europe. They didn't like the idea. We sort of do, but we do think he has raised a valid discussion about the meaning of the Talbot brand.

As an American who is interested in cars, we know Talbot Simca as the sister car to the Plymouth Horizon. But he points out that the brand was one of the most expensive and exclusive of the European car brands early on. It was later acquired by Chrysler. Look about at the video of Colin McRae and his Talbot rally car that he competed in when he was 17. The brand is obviously hip.

Dare we suggest, could Hillman be next?

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