Monday, September 29, 2008

Great Richmond, Virginia Brand, Nelson and Gwatkin

Regional clothing brands are the best. Here, a logo from the late Nelson & Gwatkin, which was the J. Press of Main Street Richmond, Virginia. If you had a suit from Nelson & Gwatkin, you were not to be messed with.

Read about great Northern Neck of Virginia brands on our main website at Questions? E-mail the esteemed and idisyncratic editor who kept his Nelson & Gwatkin hanger, not knowing that one day he would be able to blog it. Catch him by clicking his name, Garland Pollard.

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  1. Just bought a like-new, beautiful tuxedo, originally sold by Nelson & Gwatkin, complete with shirt, tie, suspenders and cumberbund, for $4.00 at a church sale. Still in-style and lookin' good. Such a deal!


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