Friday, August 29, 2008

London Telegraph's List of Missed Brands

We feel badly we didn't bring this list to your attention sooner. It is a list of brands that Britons want back, published in March 2008 by London's Daily Telegraph. The saddest name on the list? Great Britain! Where did it go? We miss it too!

One recommendation is to put Smarties back in tubes! We don't get over to GREAT BRITAIN as much as we would like, so we never realized they weren't in tubes. Someone, please tell us it isn't so.

A few from the list include:
  • Keiller's butterscotch
  • Paragoric sweets
  • Pan Yan Pickle
  • Haywards Military Pickle
  • Top Deck Cider Shandy
  • Schweppes ginger cordial
  • Milady toffees
  • Flake tapioca
  • Mr. Kipling coffee
  • Cadbury's Swiss Gateau
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