Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Huntley and Palmers Returns to Britain

Huntley & Palmers Empire Assorted

An old brand of the British Empire has returned. Huntley & Palmers, founded in 1822 and proclaimed to be "The Most Famous Biscuit Company in the World" is back on British shelves. The company was started by Quaker Joseph Huntley in Reading, Berkshire. Brits apparently remember products with names such as Milk & Honey, Breakfast Biscuits and Chocolate Olivers; old versions can be seen at the Museum of Reading at www.huntleyandpalmers.org.uk.

The company and its trademarks were acquired in 2002 by a marketing director of Jacobs Bakery, which owned Huntley and Palmers. It was sold again and in 2008 returned as a gourmet and gift specialty brand. "Our aim is to return Huntley & Palmers to its position as one of the most respected biscuit companies in the world," managing director Harry Freeman is quoted as saying on the company website.

Perhaps now Virginia's FFV Bakeries can come back to life?

Huntley and Palmers Limited, PO Box 7830, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 8WE, United Kingdom, 01440 788873, sales @ huntleyandpalmers.com

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